Sick Toddler

My 2.5 year old woke up with a fever this morning. In the past when giving him Motrin or Tylenol he would easily take it, but lately he will put up such a big fight that half of it will end up on his shirt and the other half ends up in his mouth that he refuses to swallow and then ends up on his shirt with the rest. Any advice how to administer this to him? I’ve tried a cold compress to help with his fever as well and he refuses that too.
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Our children's hospital pediatrician advised us to let the fever go until 105 before bringing it down with Tylenol to give the body a chance to fight it off, so far it's helped. (that is as long as he is drinking water, urinating, and doesn't become overly lethargic) His fevers last a day, if that. Our little guy is pretty stubborn so I feel ya, wish I could be of help. Hope he feels better soon!

Try a sippy cup maybe? What about a syringe thing like they use with the infant drops? Maybe try a brand that has a different flavor? Give him a cool drink. Have you tried a cool bath? You don't want the water too cold. But cool water can help.

@Kali we typically like to wait before giving medicine, but he was crying and holding his body close while saying “owe” which means he had muscle aches. At that point I do think medicine needs to be used.

@Kelly these are great ideas! Thank you!

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