Prestonwood pregnancy?

Has anyone heard of the Prestonwood pregnancy center ?
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YES! I went to the one in Richardson! 💙

Yes I went the one in Dallas they do a pregnancy test and ultrasound!

Yes I’ve gone every time I love it

Yes I went to the dallas location and liked it.

I went when I found out after taking a test they did my first ultrasound. You can earn points from classes and going to events for baby clothes & car seats etc ! They have a whole boutique you can go to as well . I went to the one in Dallas .

@Taylor I plan on going Monday just making sure it’s a great place I’ve heard great things

Yes. I went to the one in Dallas. They were so nice!

@Raylen They were fantastic. Got me in for a sonogram the same day due to my circumstances. I’ll be going back for my next pregnancy as well.

Yes I went to get confirmation of my pregnancy.

Yes, that’s actually where I went to confirm our pregnancy and have our first ultrasound. First time I hear her heartbeat 💓

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