Early Crawler

I was really hoping we would have a little more time before he was mobile 😅 guess it's time to finish baby proofing all the cabinets.
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Lol mine is crawling too and I’ve barely touched the surface with baby proofing the house. Sigh. I’m just like noooo don’t do that lol. And he just gives me a look like why not mom

@Nicaise there is a baby proofing kit on Amazon!

Mine started the other day !!

I still have to buy a baby proofing kit 😂 I would’ve sooner but we r a couple weeks away from moving and I didn’t want to baby proof if he wasn’t crawling yet

Girl yessss! My girl started army crawling at 5.5 months then at 6 months she just takes off and is trying to stand. My son walked at 9 months, I’m convinced my daughter is gunna be before him!! I’m not readddyyyy lol!!

I’ve been waiting for my daughter to start crawling as she rolls across the floor and bed all the time and rises up on her knees and hands too but hasn’t figured it out just yet! So exciting!!

How old?

Omg so cuteeee🤩🥳🥳congratulations 🎉🎉

@Desirae 6 months and a week

Wow!!! My baby girl is starting as well, but she isn’t 100% there yet. She has the form down just needs to push herself to do it.

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