Has anyone else had bad gum and teeth issues? It seems like I got over the delicate gums but one of my teeth had been cracked just prior to my pregnancy, dentists told me that the nerve was not exposed so they decided to leave it and not fill it because it had filed itself down yet after having a couple sneaky jellybeans this poor tooth has just cracked completely in half. I’m so devastated because I had taken good care of my teeth and now I just want it ripped out but don’t have insurance to help pay for it to just be ripped out. We are getting by and I don’t want to ruin that by needing to spend hundreds to get a tooth pulled as I am not entitled to Paid Maternity Leave and I feel like it’s a big ask to my partner 🥺
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I heard that dental treatment/service is free for pregnant women living in UK. Or atleast there would be a discount of some sort. You can ask your GP or Midwife for clarifications

My teeth have definitely played up during pregnancy! How I would think of it is teeth are one of those things that can get worse really quickly. Last thing you want is a newborn and a tooth infection or worse. I would get it looked at lovely

Yes I cracked my tooth too. You’re teeth are more prone to issues during pregnancy I think from the hormones

@Temmy this is an Australian April 2023 babies group. Not sure if you were aware of that so that doesn’t apply here unfortunately.

Oh I wasn't. Thank you Adele

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