Maternity clothes

Hi everybody! I am nine weeks with my first baby that’s due on December 29 and I feel like my pants are becoming a little bit tighter. I’ve but I just can’t tell if I’m imagining things. Have anybody’s clothes started to adjust early in the pregnancy? Should I start investing in maternity clothes now?
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im 10weeks almost 11 due december 19 and idk if its bc ive been eating too much or i have a baby bump but i can’t close my jeans so im thinking about trying a few maternity clothes just so i can be more comfortable

Me too 💕

I got some maternity jeans and shorts because my normal ones are too tight and uncomfortable, leggings are my best friend though lol

It could be one of two things 1. Ur bloating bcuz the baby's growing so it'll go back down or 2. If u start seeing the bump a little Yea best buy maternity clothes cuz girl I'm at 12wks and it's finally starting to grow but ugh the trouble breathing only get worse 😭😂 haha i love it 🥰 my first pregnancy was totally different than these symptoms 😭😂

I’m 9+6 and my clothes are tightttt!

It’s the bloating and the gaining weight. I had to buy maternity clothes early on and I’m 11 weeks about to be 12 and I can only use one pair of scrubs 🥺

Same! I bought pull on jeans rather than button ones bc it was hurting! Lol also got some maternity jeans and high rise leggings. What a difference!

I started wearing maternity pants at 9 weeks only because I couldn’t go to work with unbuttoned jeans😂 but since then I’ve gotten maternity leggings and it’s way less constricting plus the looseness helps with gas pains.

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