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Hello all , I’m a ftm Recently moved from royal oak to novi. I used to workout a lot and had a good social life before having a baby. My baby just turned 4 months. He is amazing no doubt about that. But how are you all balancing your life ? I barely can focus on work Let alone working out and having a life beyond taking care of the baby :(.
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It can be difficult, especially when they're so young; but it can get easier as they get a little older. What does your support system look like? While I'm def not the greatest at doing this myself (do as I say not as I do ha ha), some type of self cate for yourself is just as good for your kid(s) as it is for you. Even a small amount can do wonders and you can increase over time. If finding time to do things without the baby is an issue, find things you can do with him: walks, exercises with the baby (they make great weights! Lol), or mommy & me yoga!

I started a mom workout/meetup group in the area. You can find the group on my page - “Mama Workout Group”. I’d love to see you there 💕

Peloton app is great for squeezing in small workouts. Support system is important but so hard to depend on anyone else. I now leave my two kids with my husband and run down the street to workout for 30-60 mins. Try to get 4x a week. Gotta take the small wins!

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