My Baby Boy Just Got Vaccines Today, and I’m noticing he isn’t eating as much. He’s only gotten 19oz in….. should I be worried? Does this happen? Or should I just watch it?
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Same here. My girl got her vaccines two days ago and we have dealt with 3 fussy days and less eating too 😅

after his shots my baby no longer eats the same amount of milk. not sure why tho

After shots they can be irritable, tired, eat less. It’s like how shots can make you tired, arm sore, etc as an adult. After the two month shots my girl was so upset she was crying and couldn’t even be soothed by nursing and wouldn’t eat. My husband got her to sleep and then when she was sleeping/drowsy she would eat. So I basically dream-fed her while she napped all afternoon that day. It should pass in about a day.

Totally normal. After a day or two they should be back towards normal. He's probably going to be very sleepy as well for a day or so. Just keep an eye on wet diapers and there's always dream feeds if you get too worried

My baby is the same, he is irritable. Really needy and cries. He won’t eat as much, I think it’s because his belly is upset from the oral vaccine. He’s starting to get better. He had them three days ago xx

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