How to get rid of clogged milk ducts

I was hoping someone might have some advice on how to unclog milk ducts. Googling gives so many different answers and I can’t seem to unclog mine. Anyone have experience with something that works ?
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heat packs or warm shower, and massaging, sometimes I like do circle on the hard parts. If it's big and deeper I kinda do a squish and shake and poke. I have metastasis from this, and they put me on anti biotics right away cause my chest turned red.

Thanks hun. I want to avoid mastitis at all costs so I’m hoping I can clear the ducts myself. Hope the mastitis clears up quickly for you and isn’t too bad x

I recommend avoiding it! lol 10 days of antibiotics that I'm taking every 6 hours (just to add to the newborn feeds 😅)

Oh gosh . Just when you get rid of all the pregnancy symptoms you get this . Poor thing .

“Dangle pumping/feeding” worked for me where you basically lean forward and have your boobs hang in front as much as possible. I dno why it worked but it did for me. I had them almost daily Hope you find some relief soon!!

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