Dropping the nap

So a little background: my LG wakes between 7/8am, sleeps for 1 hour from about 1-2pm and now I’m finding she won’t go to sleep now until about 9.30pm. I’m thinking it’s time to drop the nap to bring bedtime forward a little. I’m just not sure how to do it, she will be exhausted come 3/4pm. How do you keep them awake to bedtime without having a late danger nap?
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If my daughter doesn’t nap then I make sure she’s in bed by 6 latest hopefully asleep by then, she still needs a nap reslly but finding she doesn’t sleep til 9.30pm if she has one! X

This was us today! She literally had a 20 min this afternoon and didn’t sleep until 10pm otherwise she is out by 7/730pm. Defo need to be strict with no naps

I try to do something she really enjoys get her to help/watch with tea eventually she got used to it x

My little girl was exactly the same for pretty much the first 5 months of the year, would nap 1.30-2.30 and not fall asleep until near 9pm which wasn’t ideal when she needs to be up at 7am a few mornings a week for me going to work. Then found if she didn’t nap she would fall asleep within a few mins of going to bed and sleep right through for 12 hours. A couple of weeks ago we decided to just fully stop the nap and it’s been great. She can get a wee bit narky by tea time but we’ve noticed that’s not so bad now so she is obviously getting used to it. And now she’s asleep by 7.30. She’s always been really active so I think that’s helped her not be exhausted by late afternoon but I did read somewhere to try do some quiet activities with them when it would be nap time like puzzles, read a couple of books etc x

@Natalie erm he goes to bed at 6:30/7pm and wakes up at 7 x

My LG naps at nursery without fail 12-1, we have found recently that it takes longer to get her to nap at home so have stopped doing it unless we are in the car. If she doesn't nap she goes to sleep around 7.30 if she does nap she'll go down 8.30/9pm. She always ends up having the same total sleep just depends when it is! Try taking each day as it comes, some days they need naps more than others, if we've been swimming she definitely needs a nap. Also if she falls asleep in the afternoon try waking her after half an hour to reduce it.

It’s taken her a good half hour to fall asleep, she’s just wants to chat & faff about. @KaitlynWhat sort of time does he go to bed & wake up since you dropped the nap? X

She should eventually get used to it and stop being exhausted at this time. My son stopped napping a few months ago just before we had our other little boy, because it made my life easier putting him to bed as he was taking long to fall asleep even at a late time if he’d had a nap that day. At first he would be so tired come 4pm ish and would look like he was about to fall asleep watching tv so I’d have to entertain him and keep him awake to avoid a danger nap. Now he very very rarely gets like that, if we’re in the car he’ll sometimes fall asleep for that trip but apart from that he makes it through the day easily without a nap! X

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