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My son is nearly 18 months old and has not slept through the night yet in his own room. He has a double bed which me or my husband have to go and get in with him usually about 3 or 4 hours into his sleep. He uses our hair as a comforter so he plays and holds it most of the night to soothe himself which is driving me crazy now. I have tried to get him to attach to other teddies and stuffed animals but he won’t have it so I’m wondering what else I can do to get him to sleep without us there. How does everyone else get their kids to sleep all night?
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1- one nap at noon only 2- playtime at 5:30, dinner and bath within 7:20 3- 7:45 nap Go with the schedule. I have 18months old twins and I was always scared to share my bed with them as I am a deep sleeper. My son gave me hard time transitioning. I started giving him my pillow in his crib with the comforter. So whenever he will wake up, I will calm him down in his crib and won’t take him out to my bed. Sometimes I have slept in the crib for hours. Every kid is different. He will adjust slowly. They are very conscious sleeper

Ours is still in our bed too 😊 sleeps in her bed for maybe an hour or 2 before we come to bed but has to be resettled about every 30m to 1hr that way. In our bed she sleeps all night 🥰 just here to say it's still normal and you're not alone! If you want a change though, I have just purchased the toddler sleep guide from infant sleep scientist. She has a phd in infant sleep and explains some ways to help toddlers sleep independence including what you've mentioned, like stuffed toys and things 😊 good luck! We are trying when ours is around 2 and night weaning then aswell!! 😬

Mine will sleep for 3hrs in his cot, snuggle to sleep with us again and then I put him back in cot for another 1-3hrs. Got 5hrs last night! I’m hoping he will get better once teething give him a break 🤷🏻‍♀️

My boy is 18 months and sleeps with me and wakes up 3 times a night to be breastfed I think is just comfort 😅

Not sure if you are still having problems but I saw another mum tying hair extensions to the cot/bed, maybe that might help 😆

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