Anyone else struggling?!

My baby (are they still babies?) has had a TERRIBLE few weeks. He’s never slept well or through the night but is now up from 3am-6am without fail absolutely screaming. Around 6/6.30 he goes back down for an hour but we are up for work and with our other children then anyway. Nothing seems to settle him, we’ve tried ignoring him but either way we are getting no sleep and I’m back at work and struggling. He’s dropped a nap and only having one 40minute ish nap a day late afternoon/early evening. He’s not teething, he’s still eating absolutely fine, no clear issues. HV advised giving him calpol at bedtime incase he’s sore somewhere but it made no difference. Please tell me I’m not alone in this?
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@Chelsea @Amie hopefully it’s a regression period 😭😭

Ahhhh we’re in the same boat! Mine has been waking up multiple times during the night - often waking crying - last night , she woke at least every 30 minutes ! Will often wake up during the night for hours (usually 2/3hrs) - last night was 3-5, wide awake ! I was wondering if there was a regression or teething (although I can’t see any teeth coming through) What’s going on 😩😩 when will this end !! 😅

My little boy is like this! Sleep has been absolutely awful for about a month now. Used to settle with my partner but now if my partner goes in he screams and screams until I go. And even when I’m there he doesn’t cry but he won’t go back into his cot, which makes me eventually give up and bring him into bed with me , feel like it’s a vicious cycle! No advice but I feel your pain x

@Natalie ugh so sorry you have the same! It’s becoming unbearable I’m so exhausted. I don’t have any advice but I hope she starts to nap again soon 😭

I have heard of that but I’ll look into it now @Chloe thank you! I’m at the point I’ll try anything

We are in the same predicament tbh; my LO will arise between 6/7am and up until 7/8pm but will sleep the whole night through. If any whimpers etc during the night we ignore an goes right back to sleep. Naps don’t exist an has been that way for almost 2/3 months. She isn’t teething and we haven’t changed anything about our routine. It’s exhausting as like you I also have other children; so here for advice too. X

Ah I feel for you all 🥺 40 mins daytime sleep is not long enough for a baby of this age, so maybe it’s that he’s overtired and it’s causing issues x have you tried any gentle sleep training? Little z sleep are amazing! 💤

He also wants to be carried all day and shrieks/screams if I leave the room or am not holding him. I have other children and am really struggling to give them any time at all. By shrieks I mean full 0-100 melt down sounding like he’s being murdered if I’m not holding him 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

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