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Looking on advice for how to stop contact naps for 3.5 month old? Not a cry it out approach please
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My little one is 3.5m. I work to her wake window and know roughly 1hr15-1hr30 is all she can manage awake so around that time I always try and aim to get her down. Her sleepy queues are she starts rubbing her eyes and face, you ideally want to catch them before they come overtired and crying etc you stand a better chance. I then pop her in the cot with her dummy and a comforter (she now loves having one on her face - I move it away once she’s more asleep) Then sit in the room out of sight and keep popping the dummy back in when it falls out until she’s asleep. Sometimes I have to rock her a little then pop her down. Also have lullabies playing in the room. I have to admit I succeed at cot naps a lot better in the mornings. Late afternoon we tend to have a contact nap and ultimately there’s nothing wrong with that either but she tends to do this more if I’ve misjudged her wake window and she gets crabby

I'm only a ftm so don't have any experience to go on but like the above, get them drowsy do they're ready to fall asleep and lay in their sleep space and then use other techniques (patting bum/tummy/rocking etc) to get to sleep

I’m trying to do this with my almost 12 week old and it’s really hard work! Sometimes we spend longer trying to go to sleep or don’t even sleep which just creates over tiredness! But the theory I’m trying to follow is majority of naps in bassinet and use all the same sleep props as night - white noise, darkness, swaddling. Sadly we can’t swaddle and she didn’t take a dummy and darkness is hard in the day but just try to set the scene. Then you get them drowsy but not asleep because you need them to know they are in their sleep space rather than transitioning which can wake them. Then using a lot of rocking, singing, stroking, hand on chest etc. to try and get them off to sleep. If she cries I reassure her I’m here but if it gets too much I’ll pick her up, settle and start again. Try not to get them too early as you are right there so it’s not cry it out and they’d probably be crying on you too. The next step to this is self soothing when she’s ready. Really tough.

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