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Hi ladies how do I get my 4 week old to nap independently he sleeps at night by himself fine and I need to do stuff around the house also he doesn’t like the baby wrap or carriers
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@Jade I don’t think this is advisable at 4 weeks old!!

they normally say you don’t sleep train babies until 3-4 months. right now my daughter (2 months old) sleeps through the night too but we do contact naps throughout the day and i get things done while she’s in her swing or playing. to be honest, i feel like she sleeps so good at night BECAUSE of the contact naps. babies need that connection with mom or dad for the first few months, don’t rush napping independently when the time is right it will happen :)

He’s still so young… he just came out of a warm womb and he’s still so young to sleep train. All he needs right now is his mommas warmth. I know this is so cliche but the things around the house can wait, or it doesn’t have to be perfect, but this time you have with him is so finite. This is coming from a mom who was so tired of her baby only doing contact naps, but honestly there comes moments where you miss it.

If he uses a pacifier try laying him down and putting a lil peanut butter in it but make sure he not allergic

You can try white noise, but it’s kind of an uphill battle when they are so young.

You just need to be persistent with putting him down. I like to do the drowsy but awake or the fully asleep method. I might only get 30mins to myself but at least I've done a job and baby had some sleep. You can also do stuff whilst baby is awake, just make sure they're in a safe space

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