Breastfeeding multivitamins

What vitamins is everyone taking while breastfeeding and do you know of taking vitamins will effect the baby and baby poo?
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@Raj I never noticed that when I was taking pregnancare. I can't see it being connected x

I was taking pregnacare and I found my baby stool would be more loose. I’m not sure if that is a connection and just wanted to find out if anyone else babies stool changes when you take vitamins? Silly question I know 🙈

I use these, surprisingly much cheaper on Amazon than in boots or Superdrug. They make my nails really nice haha so I think they do something.

I take the pregnacare breastfeeding ones x

@Alex just read the back of the packaging, it might be okay to use. The Morrisons’ gummy ones are standard adult multivits which are within tolerance for the above link :)

Not taking any, just eating a balanced diet

I’ve been taking one a day prenatals advanced and my baby is fine and so is her poop

Asda do a pregnancy multivitamin that has everything a normal one does but no vitamin A.. I took it before and during pregnancy and both my dr and midwife said I can still take it after too.. they aren’t too expensive I think £3 or so

@Tanya oh shit I've been taking a normal multivitamin cause the bf ones are sooo expensive. I knew there was a thing about vitamin A aswell 🤦🏻‍♀️

I take the Morrisons gummy ones. This is an interesting read from an IBCLC…

My OB recommended I take prenatals while breastfeeding and I have not seen any difference in the baby going on 15 months breastfeeding now.

This is needed or seeking health prenatal brand

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