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Hi everyone, Starting my 1st cycle in less than 2 weeks. When did you take time off work? And how long for? I am aware the injections can cause discomfort and painful bloating. Is this a time you would take time off? Or I have the option to work from home? The trigger shot- egg collection - time off? If so, how long? Transfer date- time off? If so, how long? Stressing out about work/time off for all the appointments, I can squeeze in scans etc that’s no issue! TIA x
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You need a flexible work diary during stims as they might want you for scans every couple of days, and they don’t tell you until the previous appointment when they want you back. But I didn’t need any time off for symptoms (basically just period type cramps and bloating for me). Egg collection day you defo need off, I was fine to work the following day. Transfer is super quick and no after effects.

I didn’t take any time off tbh other than the egg collection day as you will not be able to keep your eyes open after! I wouldn’t want to be doing injections at work though but you can do them in the morning and evening while you’re at home. I didn’t really have any side effects though so it will totally depend on how the hormones affect you. If you tell your employer what you’re doing they should be ok with you wfh on days you don’t feel right to go into work. Transfer day you are literally in and out, 20 mins. No need for rest after but defo tell your employer you need to wfh just because it’s a good excuse to :) You shouldn’t need to book the time off for any of the appointments, check your companies policy on ivf, it’s usually treated the same as hospital appointments x

I panicked about this too and ended up telling me work and I was absolutely fine throughout injections just a bit of bloating. I took the egg retrieval day off work and then the following two days but I really only needed one. I was worried as they said I possibly would have OHSS but I was honestly fine just a bit of discomfort the same day. ❤️

Thanks @Jen @Marisa & @Kayley your replies are really helpful & it’s a relief to hear the side effects might not be too bad. I think I’ll book off just the egg collection day and embryo transfer day - as I feel like I will need the distraction too! xx

I booked 3 days for egg collection and worked from home the remaining 2 days (egg collection was a monday) I did very much need that I was in quite a bit ofnpain and discomfort, staying laid up on the sofa Is what I needed. Transfer date- my transfer was a Saturday so didn't need to take time off but I chose to book the following monday-wednesday ad a way to chill and relax but I hated it. Wished I'd never booked it off, I had no plans I felt agitated I didn't enjoy it and wished I had worked and had a distraction

I would check with HR what is the policy for fertility treatment. I preferred to keep my head busy from IVF so I used to go to the clinic and go straight to work. My manager was supportive after I showed her my rights. Also I'm a flexible person so we found mid ground. But I also took 2 days of special, for the egg collection and for FET. I can be emotional but I'm a person who needs to keep my head busy so I don't have time to overthink and be more nervous. My partner and I spoke a lot about this and we agreed with the plan. He knew I would drive him crazy if I was stuck at home. I hope it helped and good luck xx

@Jen thank you for taking the time to respond Jen, this is a great help and has definitely put me at ease. Xx

Hey! I think this sort of depends on how flexible your employer is. I am currently on my 4th cycle, and for the fresh cycle I just two two full days off: the egg collection day (this was a must as you can’t drive or be left alone as you’ve been sedated, and may be in discomfort) and the embryo transfer day(not a must, but I would be too preoccupied to work, and it was nice to spend the day with my husband). For the frozen transfer, I have just taken the one day off. All the other appointments (scans, blood tests) I just made work with work, but my clinic is only a 15 drive away, and my work are flexible. I haven’t had an side effects during any of the cycles (apart from being tired, but that’s mostly meant early nights and hasn’t impacted work for me). But everyone is different, so do what feels right for you - I like having something else to focus on that isn’t IVF, so work is a good distraction, but some people like to take more time off, especially if their job is stressful. xx

@Caroline it’s the only thing worrying me at the moment and that’s not good I know! I don’t know what the appointment schedule will be until the 1st day of the cycle either so the late notice for my employer is stressing me out too. Hoping they are understanding! X

I am also wondering whether you need time off for things like this, eg side effects during a treatment cycle. I’m scheduled to start mine in October and I’m quite nervous!

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