Cluster feeding and running out of milk?!

Baby is cluster feeding again and this evening after feeding for 5 hours we decided I would pump for the first time so my partner could give him a bottle as I physically couldn't do another feed due to exhaustion - I'm also ill as well as having breastfed for 4 weeks and the sleep deprivation is really starting to get to me now. Despite previously having good milk supply, when I pumped there was nothing?! Is this just because my body won't have caught up yet and produced more after the ridiculous amount baby has had this evening?!
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@Scarlett thank you, that’s really helpful. I guess I’m gonna have to try and get enough initially to then skip a feed to pump at that time. Yeah totally get what you mean! Mine seems to run out on one side so then we switch. I have that too where the other boob leaks. I’ve been using milk shells to collect it but they’re too small to collect it all so haven’t been able to save much from that. I’ve ordered a haakaa pump as well though so I can collect more from that.

@Rebecca someone on here posted a picture showing that if you pumped in between feeds you’re likely only to get 1-2 ounces but if you miss a feed and pump you could get around 5 ounces. It’s my first time bf so I’m not 100% sure on it. But if my baby has been on one boob for ages, it’s like I start to run out. Once I swap side, he’s drinking again. It’s happened to both sides too where he’s been on for so long, it’s like I’ve run out and my body needs a break to make more. Pumping at the same time makes sense though, the other boob used to leak like crazy while I fed my baby

@Scarlett oh interesting, I read to pump at the same time as he was feeding so that's what I did. What's the reason behind likely being unable to pump if I'd just been feeding? Is it because there hasn't been enough time to produce more?

I gave up trying to pump as I wasn’t able to pump enough. But if you had just been breastfeeding, you’re likely not gonna be able to then pump enough for a feed whether it was your standard 20-30 min feed or 5 hour long one

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