Relationship on thebrink since having a baby

Anyone else? Havnt had sex in a year and half, he keeps saying he wants no more children. When I tried to seduce him he repeated i don't want anymore children Which I find so hurtful as I'd love more. Id even love some physical touch. Can't talk to him about anything. I'm so lonely in my relationship.
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Our relationship if definitely worse post baby, and we’ve been together through all sorts over 17 years. Currently don’t have any suggestions I’m afraid. However if he doesn’t want more kids then he knows what he can do ✂️

You need to have a conversation. He can’t expect you to be celibate for the rest of your life. Also if you differ on wanting more children, then you need to discuss it together (not him just telling you) and if that means you want different things and you want to leave to find someone else who will fulfil your multiple children dreams then he may feel differently at the thought of losing you rather than having another. And if not, then you have your answer anyway.

Yep, this is 100% my relationship. Don’t see it lasting unless something changes

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