Anyone else’s LO scoot right up to the head of there crib / cot

My LB wriggles up to the top of his crib every night and sleeps with his head butted right into the top of his crib - is this ok?
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Yep my boy does this, had to move his monitor because he grabs it and turns it off and sits playing with it

Yep. My LG does it both ends of the cot, head touching the bars. One end has the camera so it does make me laugh when she spots it and tries to grab it. I think they just wriggle so much. Well my LG does anyway. Always rolling all over the cot

I would say this is normal. My twins end up EVERYWHERE. We tend to use sleeping bags rather than blankets to a) try and limit the wriggling (doesn't work!😅) and b) because they always kick blankets off and end up freezing by 2am c) to stop twin 2 sticking her feet through the cot bars and getting stuck (she's a terror for that and never seems to learn).

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