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Baby is refusing to be transferred. She will go to sleep by rocking or latching but I cannot transfer her to her cot for the life of me and I’m losing my mind 😭 I think the cot is too low and the downward motion wakes her but I can’t adjust it so need help! I can’t sleep with her any more because I neeeeeed space 😩
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White noise has always helped my little one, may be ideal to try the technique where you keep contact with her after you lay her down. So you would keep your hand on her chest lightly so she knows you're still there, rock gently side to side if needed and once you think she has settled slowly remove your hand and back away quietly. 😊

I have a 6 month old and we started to sleep train him 2 weeks ago. He was a Velcro baby. They say to put them in the cot half asleep and then rub/pat/Sing to them. Try not to pick them up again. The first couple of days are hard work but it gets easier and baby learns really quickly! I adapted the ferber method, to work for us. ‘The happy song’ is my life saver Good luck x

I swaddle then unswaddle after a few minutes when they in the cot. Also noticed I made the mattress thicker so it was more comfy when she lays on it

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