Breastfeeding during immunisations

Did you breastfeed your baby to comfort them during their immunisations? At the 8 week ones, the nurse said I shouldn’t, as baby might get so upset that they breathe in milk?! Doesn’t sound right or correct!? Baby has his 12 week ones tomorrow so keen to hear other’s experience?
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With both lots of jabs the nurse told me to BF him afterwards but not during, not sure about the breathing in milk though that sounds weird 😂 X

We were able to feed during the first ones. Second ones are on Friday and hoping to do the same again

We were told to feed afterwards and I did the same.

Not sure about the breathing in milk that sounds a bit strange haha but they said to me it would be best not to feed just before or during as it can increase them to feel nauseous and can sometimes lead to them being sick so to just BF them afterwards :) xx

Thank you for all your replies. I just wanted to check that it’s normal for them to say not to breastfeed your babies during them. It feels horrible to be told my someone that you shouldn’t 💔 I’ll just feed afterwards. I think the breathing in thing was made up 😂 xx

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