Milk free snacks

My baby has milk protein allergy and I have been giving him shop brought snacks without realising there is actually milk inside most of the ones he like I was wondering if abound knew if there was any baby snacks I could give him also they cannot have apple on them as that also doesn’t agree with him
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Sadly almost 99 percent of things include milk I've been searching for 5 months now and only found ella kitchen purees n piccolo puree .... I literally gave my lo jelly I'm deciding to make home made stuff

Only advice is check the ingredients for everything and have a freezer stash of homemade snacks!

Ella's kitchen melty puffs and kiddylicious wafers are milk free!

@Ellie the ones from tescos do I’ve just found that out tonight thats the ones I’ve been giving him but I’ll try aldi and hope for the best he loves his snacks so I’m going to have to find alternatives going to have to go though all of the supermarkets looking at labels 😫

@Kaylee oh bless him, aldi do soft Biscotti biscuits and also one with a filling inside and they don't contain milk! X

@Ellie he is always sick and has bad nappy’s and I couldn’t work out why as i thought I’d cut out all the milk but it’s made him really ill now I’ve spent the last few weeks up giving him Calpol and rubbing his tummy trying to make him feel better I think he’s just going to be a baby that can’t have milk at all until he grows out of it what can be up to 7 years old

If he's fine with them keep offering them! My little boy can't have dairy and he's fine with milk cooked into things. It's a really good start and also the first step of the milk ladder! X

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