Need mom friends!

Anyone down to go to OMSI on Friday? I have an 11 month old and we love going to the indoor playground there. I need more friends myself, and I would love for my baby to get more socializing. I am 31 and queer, and neurodivergent. I love reading, cooking, baking, and video games (haven't been able to play much). I am very interested in politics and social justice. I am a SAHP, with a pretty open schedule. I would love to find people with similar interests for OMSI/Zoo outings!
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@Stacey (Anastasia) aww that's rough, poor baby. I hope she feels better soon, and I hope you get some rest 💙 the nurse advice at my pediatrician's office said it's really going around right now 😞

Us too she just threw up everything she ate all day it seemed 10 mins ago 😭 I hope everyone gets better soon

@Stacey (Anastasia) I would absolutely love to meet up soon! We are out of commission for the next week because my baby has a tummy virus. We would love to get together once they are all better

We have an omsi membership and love going to omsi too. We would love to meet up sometime on the weekends or family evening events if you ever go then. My daughter is 13 months, 14 months on October 5

@Marleigh I really hate to cancel last minute, but baby woke up fussy and with a fever 😞 I would love to meet any day next week

@Emily oh no, I hope you all are okay! The ball pit is super awesome, but we need more balls. I didn't understand that 100 balls is nothing 😂

@Nova super cute set up! We just had an exposure so we're out of commission for a little bit (safety first!) but we should hang. I have thar ball pit on my wishlist. 🤣

@Marleigh that works for me!

@Nova how about the upstairs play room? That way the littles can be busy while we wait! I may be there closer to 9:30 and it’s hard to peel my gal away from whatever she’s taken interest in for the moment.

@Marleigh awesome! Do you want to meet at the new robot right in front?

@Nova yes! We will be there!

We're busy this Friday but might be open to doing something some other time. 35/cishet/nuerodivergent/chronic illness BAMF with a 10m old boy. Into reading, baking, shopping, and coffee (but not like in a snobby way?)

@Marleigh it's our favorite outing! I do plan on going on Friday. Probably around 10am, if you would like to meet up

Hey! I have a 2 year old we love going to Omsi!!

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