My LO is 3 and a half months old and he started having a feed between 8 and 10pm and he’d then sleep until between 3 and 5am, then not wake again until 7/9am. But the past few days he has started waking every 2 to 3 hours again overnight. I’m absolutely shattered, don’t know what to do 😴
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@Emma I think the same, it’s been barely two hours since I started his last bottle and he’s awake again. I think I may have managed to settle him now 🙃😴

@Jennie I’m the same, I was feeding him everytime he wakes up but it’s wasting milk as he’s not interested half the time. Hopefully just a phase I miss sleep haha x

I’m going through the same and I think it’s the 4 month sleep regression 😩

Oh I’m going through the exact same I’m exhausted!! It’s like having a newborn again 🫠 I don’t want to feed mine everytime she wakes up but she seems hungry and takes the bottle but only 2/3oz each time… no advice but you’re not alone and hopefully just a phase! X

@Hayley oh god, I feel for you! He only takes about 3oz everytime so it’s like he’s not even that hungry either so I’m very confused

You have my sympathy! My 14 weeker have never stopped waking every 3. But be frustrating to progress and move back. Unfortunately I don’t think there is anything we can do 😓

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