I feel like i can’t bite my tongue anymore

So lately it’s just been me supporting my son financially and yall i am sick of it . Im paying for everything and he has an active dad in his life . His dad recently opened up to me and told me that he’s been struggling for months as a single dad. I sympathized with him . He trapped me into paying a monthly loan payment for him $50/ monthly and owes me money that i let him borrow. Well i ask him to help me move in on Sunday and he agreed. Im getting my 3 y/o his own room then he bursts out and says oh he’s moving too into a 3 bedroom alone instead of roommating with his brother and girl . Atp im extremely frustrated cause you have not been buying your son clothes, diapers , nothing but your going to move to a big place of your own ? Hes reeking of selfishness to me and I honestly want to tell his ass off. He said hes going to help more financially once he starts working his new job but im just sick of him atp.
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Amen to that.. I don't get help from my son's dad either.. Maybe 10%..

@Oge yeah im not i have to be tough with him cause when it comes to me as the mother he does not give a rats ass . Tuh i gotta look out for my son and i .

It will work out..

@incognito I completely understand.. It's a headache in itself..

That’s just men for u. Extremely selfish beings and all about them and their own wants and needs. Stop loaning him money tho u hv a child to support there is absolutely no reason to do that.

@Jamicka (Zion's Mom) it’s so frustrating i want to blow a gasket

Depending on ur state, they will have him pay back child support as well..

Girl we are literally in the same boat.. But arguing and fussing will not help anything, trust me.. I can tell u this, make sure u document anything he gives you.. Every little thing.. If he's on the birth certificate, or if he's not, get him in there so u can do child support.. This is the only way to get what u need and don't have to deal with him.. This will be ur best option, sometime dad's will continue to say they will help, and only help when it's convenient for them and not the child..

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