Wellbutrin medication while breastfeeding

Hello, I’m 8 weeks postpartum and have been increasingly getting worse with PPA/PPD. I’m constantly scared if I fall asleep or leave the room she won’t be breathing because I wasn’t there to check. It’s pretty bad. My doctor put me back on Wellbutrin XL and within 12 hours my baby looked as if she was in a heavy deep sleep and had a swollen eye. She’s had a clogged tear duct before and it’s caused swelling in her eye. It was probably a coincidence , but just added to my increase of worry. I did the worst thing you could do and went to google about side effects. It suggested there were safer medicines to take while breastfeeding. Has anyone else taken this and had positive outcomes?
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@Olivia Kemp Yes!! I really really need to stick with it because I’m just not sleeping. I’m worried if I stop watching her she could stop breathing. It’s been getting worse lately. So I really need to nip it in the bud. I would absolutely love to hang out! Especially with your little one too.

But yes we can totally hangout! My 2 year old has lots of energy but is super sweet. We can always go walking in the park or do a coffee shop.

@Chansity agreed!!

@Chansity totally get that! All anti depressants when breastfeeding have the potential to do that but it’s usually pretty minimal. My PPD and OCD was so severe I just decided to stay on them and I’m glad I did because I felt more stable sooner. I understand the anxiety you are having. A LOT of women have it.

@Olivia Kemp I really appreciate that!! Would love to have some mom friends and support each other! I called her pediatrician and they suggested talking about switching and just watching her breathing and next feedings. Just making sure she’s waking up on her own too. I feel so guilty for taking it. Just hoping this is just my PPA acting up making me overthink.

@Kathleen Thank you! It’s hard to help yourself when you’re more worried about them. I’m trying to remember it’s for both of us. Oh my gosh. Definitely praying for you! I’m here if you ever need to vent or just have someone in your corner! Pregnancy is tough enough without added stress.

I also live in Marietta so close to you if you ever need some more support. ♥️♥️

I’m pregnant with my second and am on Wellbutrin and Zoloft through my whole pregnancy and will stay on them when breastfeeding. My psychiatrist has approved me for that. Now if anything comes up in the process that I’m concerned about she tells me to message her on our patient portal. Maybe observe the next couple days and see what you think? Never hurts to ask your doctor. I began to do formula with my first and he is 2 now and awesome. You’re doing great and getting my mental health stable was my priority so then I could be a present mom for my son.

@Chansity it can take a couple of weeks to work remember that, and make symptoms worse as well. Just remember you are doing the right thing for you and baby! Thank you! It’s all very fresh right now, so I’ve got a journey ahead of me (ex left me for his affair partner). It will get easier though!

@Kathleen That’s what she initially suggested ,but saw I did well on Wellbutrin before so wanted to try it again. I feel like it just added so much more anxiety on me. Thank you! Sending prayers and good vibes your way!

I’m currently pregnant, and going through hard times, so my dr put me on Zoloft. It’s the safest one. Maybe ask your dr to switch while you’re breast feeding?

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