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Just needing a rant I recently split from my partner and father of my daughter. (We are both first time parents) I left him due to him not doing anything to help me with our daughter, not doing any housework while i was recovering, was very eager to go back to work, always demanded i give him sex ( asked me 2 days after giving birth whilst still in hospital also after having stitches from tearing) hes never changed her nappy, has left her sitting in a poo diaper for over an hour (i hadnt realised she had done a poo, or i would have changed it myself) never fed her, wouldn't watch her so i could shower or go to the toilet, His excuse is ive not done this before, when i have tried to help him, also he works in disability support, so he knows how to do many things, and now his mum is threatening to take me to court so her father can have full cusotdy. Whar should i do in thid situation, i really need some advice, i believe my daughter should not be left in his care?
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@Melissa thank you

Please let us know the outcome, rooting for you!🙏

@Melissa thankfully i have my mums support, i never thought id end up in a situation like this, all text messages are saved, ive written everything down in a journal dating when things happened

@Fanni i have a journal with everything written down, and text messages proving all this, im trying to go through legal aid for some help

@Karley im in Australia, sadly they won't do anything to help me. I've just had to keep applying for rentals

You are her mother and as long as it's better for her to stay with you no court in the land will give full custody to dad if mum is capable, keep ALL texts from him and make sure you tell the court everything do not hold back, I was in a similar situation my self

How can a man have full custody if he never even changed a nappy? Collect evidence of his incompetence and everything he has done/hasn't!!

No way! Your the one with a child regardless of money if your able to pay your rent that's it you need the home for your daughter Are you in the UK? I'm sure there's a law here that you are more entitled to stay if so do you have a citizens advice you can speak to? I feel so angry for you 😤 No unfortunately unless there's some sort of domestic police won't help

Ive had to sneak over there while he isnt home just to grab things i needed

@Karley yes i was on the contract and i still am, but i rang the realestate within the week and because he had a better income he got the place, he also wont let me at the property to get the rest of mine and my daughters stuff until i have a place to put it, he has already offered to give up my daughters room for one his friends to move in, but her room is currently storing all of our belongings, the police wont do anything, i was told to get a storage unit to put our stuff into but no units available. Since then i have applied for more than 80 places and keep getting shut down as im only on a centrelink payment

This is beyond disgusting I'm so so sorry he's done this to you postpartum is tough! Without having to deal with that Can I ask, you said you was renting was your name on the contract too? I ask because I was in a similar position my ex partner was the main person but I contacted the agency to ask the landlord if I could stay as it's me with the baby n she agreed it was done in less than a week And as for court let them they will pay thousands and if you got proof of anything texts ECT they will favour you but they won't want to do court because it's a long expensive road for them She's just trying to scare you Hold your guns hun you've done amazing at doing your best for your daughter ❤️

@Charli his mother knows all this, she doesnt want her son ending up like her, she gave her own son up and he got raised by his grandparents, he basically had everything handed to him, we were also renting when i left him and he decided to stay in the house while i had to go back to my mums and share a tiny bedroom with my daughter, who has to share a bed with me as theres no space for a cot, he left me struggling and now wants to take me to court, its been stressful raising my daughter by myself but i just gotta do what best for my daughter and myself

U better tell on him to his mother 2 days after giving birth is absolutely disgusting he’s not a man he’s a creature he can leave his own child sitting in their own poo but can change a strangers for money the excuse I’ve not done this before is unacceptable all u gotta do is feed hold change it’s stressful it’s so fucken hard but that’s still all u gotta do if he can’t do that with help what does his mother expect him to do without it I’d say that to him aswell if he can’t even watch her for a few minutes so u can wash how is he gonna do it 24 hours everyday all day girl u escaped well done u are doing right by u and definitely your daughter he

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