Losing the plot help!?

Hi guys, my little one is 14 weeks now, just under three months and I don’t know what it is, she’s crying and fussing every hour. Like Every hour on the dot. I feel like I’m in newborn stage again. When I try and feed her I feel like she drink and falls asleep on the boob, but she drink only to soothe not to fill herself up. She’s in a cot she used to sleep fine I’m before, and no not sleep through the night but wake up every 3 hours for a feed. She is swaddled with an arms up swaddle/bag and the temp in the room is 22 degrees. Now every-time she cries I place the dummy in she soothers and wakes up like 45mins later crying. My partner actually had to go into work late so he can be with her and I can’t actually sleep for a few hours. I’m going crazy and when the nights come in, I feel huge anxiety. 🥲
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Your baby is actually 3.5, almost 4m old. You are probably going through the 4m sleep regression. Just know it won't last forever!

Regression x

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