I had been living with my parents in their council rented property with my two kids. (I pay some money and buy most groceries) My brother moved in with his family 2 weeks ago. My parents have been behaving oddly. I don't think my parents are not happy for me to stay here with them anymore. My kids are 6 year old and 2 months old. Currently on MAT leave on a monthly basis my current pay is £600 only. My husband doesn't bother at all about me and the kids. Only a few days ago I found out that he bitches about me and family to others. Me and him are not on good terms, he is not ready to move out. I was wondering if it is possible for me to apply for council property for me and my kids? With out my husband. Until I get my own place won't be able to leave or divorce my husband family won't agree. The environment that I'm in is not at all healthy for me and my kids. My emotional and mental health is affected very badly. I started noticing my kids too.
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Because of your situation you should be a higher priority of moving house. Give it a shot. There is benefits out there that will help with the cost of the housing. Talk to Jon centre.

@YazmynJade thank you, will the letter cause any affect to my parents? Also will they question my husband about divorce, don't want him to know or else he won't pay for my kids needs. I can't afford anything now :(

You can apply but it's not a quick option I've been waiting 5 years roughly and still waiting

Vest thing you can do is get your parents to write you a letter stating they're evicting you on x date and use that with the application usually it's best to have a immediate eviction date and they will ring your parents and get them to agree to keep you there till you have a place. As for the divorce state to the council you will be divorcing your husband immediately as soon as you have the funds so that way they don't include him and his income

i would definitely say so, just apply, they will either accept or decline, ne and my partner got one 2 bedroom while i was pregnant x

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