Separation anxiety

My LO is so attached to me she screams bloody murder the minute she can’t see me. I can’t even leave her with my husband or grandparents. If by some luck I can sneak away when I return she has a melt down. Is this separation anxiety? How long is it likely to last?
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Yep wants me sat playing with her too x

Same here. Its has gotten worse since I've been back to work. She always wants me over my partner. If I leave the room she gets upset and I can hear her crawling after me to find me. I think it has started to affect her night sleep in a way as well but who knows. So much going on for them

I’m in the exact same situation! My LG is crying as soon as she can’t see me 🥹😳🥴

Yep can’t go anywhere x 🤣

My son is ok in the day but seems to struggle with not being with me in an evening/night. He got in bed with dad the other morning and I went to the spare room for some decent sleep, all I could hear was him crying mum mum mum 🥺 Yet this morning his dad went in spare room and he was in bed with me and was fine x

My son isn’t bad. If he spots me then he’ll cry for me. But then forgets about me after a few mins lol

Yeah going through the same. It hurts sometimes I want to cry us that normal. when I drop him in the morning and he through himself on the floor screaming. You are not alone

Going through this too at the minute. Yeah think it’s separation anxiety. Just as I am due back to work. Not ideal. He just want to be stuck to me at the moment. Can’t help but right there with you!

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