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What are you all doing during the day? I play, sing, do tummy time but it's just so repetitive everyday multiple times a day I feel so bored.
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@Stanka I never actually thought about it that way. That's true

I have a 10 week old and we go outside for a walk in the morning then get on the playmat in the afternoon and do whatever I feel like and lots of cuddles in the evening as he tends to be very fussy 4-11 😳 Some days we’ll walk to grandparents house some days they come here sometimes we do baby massage and a play group ( he doesn’t do much other than look around but I get to talk to other people) It is very repetitive but so is going to work every day 😅

@Lou he is 10 weeks. I did look at the children's centre classes. I did not go to any yet but I will definitely give them a try. There aren't a lot of baby friendly activities around my area

Do stuff you want to do and your baby will fit in to it. They are just as stimulated by everyday things like bus journeys and coffee shops and we can give ourselves permission to also have a life

It can be can't it! How old is your little one. Have you tried going to any local classes at children's centres, like sensory classes ? They have baby yoga and zumba close to me which is useful to change up the day to day routine a bit.

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