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So I've had my growth scan today & saw the Dr today my BP was high both times they checked & the Dr thinks I could have onset pre eclampsia & has put me on labetalol. I'm really worried about taking them as I already take 150mg aspirin daily & I'm worried that my BP could of just been high the fact I was a bit stressed as I suffer with anxiety.. urine was dipped and all negative, I've had my bloods taken to test for pre eclampsia & I have to have my BP taken 2x weekly now il also monitor at home but just wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation or is taking the medication and had no problems? I've got no swelling a bit of pain in my right foot as if it is swollen but it isn't had this for months.
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Ive had my baby 10 days ago and same as you just high BP but a whole load of anxiety and having to take the tablets is giving me anxiety also because i overthink and think about the side effects xx

I took it my whole pregnancy this time, as I lost a pregnancy due to early onset preeclampsia that was missed cause I only had high BP as a marker. This pregnancy I was on labetalol from the very beginning along with aspirin. I did get preeclampsia again but it was way later in my pregnancy and was able to deliver my twins both healthy with no complications at 34.5 weeks. It’s safe for you and baby and if your doctor recommends, i would follow their recommendations.

I was in lebatalol for 8 weeks with my second baby because of this. Preeclampsia can come fast and is scary. If your doc is recommending meds I would personally follow hi recommendation I had preeclampsia with my first and delivered early because it went untreated. Do what you can to keep that baby cooking in there

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