So I am currently on maternity leave. I work for the NHS and am entitled to OMP and SMP. My question is, the maternity pay I’ve been paid by the NHS, is this including the SMP? Or will I get paid this separately? My most recent payslip just says OMP. I’ve also opted to have the payments spread out equally over 9 months.
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Fellow NHS mama here on my first month of Mat leave 😊 Even if you've opted out of the 9 months and had it paid flexibly, it's only your OMP that can be paid flexibly - SMP will still be paid as "standard" (ie, kicks in after the first 8 weeks). I asked payroll for a breakdown of my pay and I don't start getting SMP until the third month but my OMP is paid over the 12 months I'm taking off. Hope that helps 😊

Your employer pays you and claims back from the government, this is your only pay you’ll receive.

Hey, there is a group on here called ‘NHS moms’ someone in there might be able to answer your question ☺️

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