Toddler meltdowns and eating habits

Anyone going through the same situation. I love my son with all my heart and don’t want to be saying this I’m just finding it hard as he is refusing most meals and wanting sweets and snacks. This results in him crying and having meltdowns . Pulling my clothing and pulling me to the fridge until I gave in but I do offer healthy food and everything is being wasted. Also he is easily frustrated with things including toys this can result I. Him firing toys or hitting out. I just want the best method I. How to deal with his toddler tantrums correctly and eating habits.
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My son is the same with his food. Some days eats everything within minutes, other times we can sit at the table for over an hr. We don’t offer an alternative he eats what is given as we know it’s good he likes. We have tried time outs during meals. Moving food onto a different plate so it looks a smaller portion, taking toys from the toys box n putting them on top the cupboard so he sees us doing it, no pudding or snack during the day. The one we find that works the best is ignoring him, we move away from the table n clean the kitchen or turn our bodies away from him n chat together or me on my own I’ll then read my letters, phone, magazine etc. then cus we aren’t looking at him he eats or as he’s not getting attention from his screaming he gives in. However this will work 3 times out of the 5. It’s really hard.

He is the exact same all he wants is crisps sweets and dairy lee dunkers and mabey custard , a pancake and cherrios.I’ve encouraged fruits and veg as he eats them at nursery. I spend so much on food every week I might aswell fire my money down the toilet

Same. My daughter was eating pretty much everything, from 2yo she started refusing more and more foods, now she only wants pasta/rice just butter and cheese, baked beans, boiled eggs (just the white), pizza, french toast, some fruits. The only veg I get her to eat is cauliflower (only inside muffins tho). If we try to serve her something else she’ll start screaming and when she starts a tantrum it cannot be stopped for a good 30 min, she starts screaming at us doesn’t matter what we tell her. If we try to give her something she likes and something we’d like for her to eat she’d just eat her safe food. Funny thing, at nursery she eats lots of different things, even soups sometimes, she doesn’t even want to try one at home. 😑

It’s defo more difficult than any other stage

Yes having the same problems everyone says it’s just a phase

I hope it is as I feel like a bad parent as this is happening daily

We are having the same problems 😞 but my little boy will bite me and all sorts too and he has night terrors sometimes as well it's not easy but I keep getting told it's a stage and he will grow out of it 😵‍💫

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