Should i speak up?

My BD has a hard time waking up in the morning when he has our child. I can tell because i still have access to the camera(even when we were together). My child wake up around 7:30 ish and its about to be 10 and he still hasn’t went to go get our child outta the room. Should i call and tell him something or stay in my lane?
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Girl I would speak up! Your baby deserves a diaper change at the bare minimum! I’m so sorry :( I would definitely say something to him

2.5hrs & your baby hasn’t been tended to? there is no staying in your lane?! dirty nappy & no food? he needs to see a doctor- might be an underlying issue here…

What?! That’s absolutely awful. That’s neglect. I’d absolutely be saying something.

Don't mention the camera because he'll just deny your access and then continue neglecting your child without you watching. Gather evidence and build a case. What he is doing is unacceptable.

Dude 30 minutes or so is one thing but that is insane. Your child IS your lane.

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