Flying with a one year old toddler ✈️

Hi everyone! Once i had a 3 hours flight at night time with my baby when she was 2 months old. She would cry a lot due to air pressure in her ear and colic, so i had to breastfeed all the time, take short walks in the aisle, changed her nappies twice and keep myself together as i am sensitive to plane flights. I was getting 25-30 hours of sleep per week since i gave birth. My husband had to work all day, so i had to do all house chores, cooking, shopping by myself, everyday till i left on that flight as it was too overwhelming for me and the baby. That time i felt very strong 💪🏻 , i was still recovering and i was on “fighter” mode! Now that my 1 year is almost walking on her own, waking up 2-5 times a night from teething discomfort, i get to sleep and rest more. She is a very, very , very active toddler! We are travelling for a week this December in Austria 🇦🇹 •I have to keep her on my lap during the whole flight. ( almost 3 hours flight) •Use ear protection. •Breastfeed. •Play games. (I know she will ignore all her toys) •Dress her in layers. What else am I missing? How do I mentally prepare for a flight? How was your experience travelling with a toddler?
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All of the above and (very hard to execute but very important) try not to worry. The baby will feel if you are stressing and might struggle to be calm. Don’t worry about other people as someone said above people are usually helpful and understanding. I travel with 3 kids and when I get overwhelmed I look for help and it’s always there. Someone can help with the bag, once I had this woman holding my baby for almost the whole journey (she was missing her little girl at home and didn’t mind at all). You’ve got this. It will be fine. Have a great time in Austria!

Lots of snacks, ms rachel, an open mind, lots of patience 😁

My advice would be to bring toys your baby hadn’t used before, it’ll keep them entertained for a bit a longer! And get up and walk around with your baby when you can❤️

We did around 12 flights with my LO. Sometimes with my husband sometimes alone. Flights were from 1 to 13h long. We did 4h today. I think todays one was best one ever. He understood much more and I kind of discovered in him some patience even he is super active as well. Main points for us are: -Baby carrier! -snacks -his fav toys (3) as he was more infested in new things like, coffee table, seatbelt, window, even paper tea cup - clever packing not too much stuff. I usually trying to choose a flight he will have a nap so time goes quicker - ask for help people are super helpful, when you have LO! - and actually walk up and Down aisle really helps. I explain him everything n ppl also try to get him attention which he loves. - change nappy just before flight. - use pushchair up to the gate, when I flying with my husband we take it inside the plane I also breastfeed it’s so important on take off and landing. He didn’t cry today not even a second. 3h will pass so quick good luck😊

I wouldn’t say you HAVE to keep her in your lap - if you want, walk up and down the isle with her x

I just flew 14hrs to Hong Kong with my almost 1yr old. We timed our flights so it would align with his night sleep, and luckily it paid off as he slept most of it. When he was awake, it was mainly playing with his toys, eating or a bit of YouTube videos to keep him distracted. Good luck!

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