Brushing teeth 🤔 When do you do the last brush?

Our LB has 2 teeth now. I know I need to brush them twice a day….but when do I do the last one??? Reason I ask is that he has a bottle right before bed then falls asleep not long after. If I then go to brush teeth, I reckon he’ll wake up again and take ages to settle. What are others doing? Feel stupid asking 🫠🥲
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New brush-baby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush for Toddlers, Battery Powered, Extra Soft Bristles for Gentle Cleaning, for Ages 0-3 @Adina yes that looks fine. Yeah you leave the toothpaste until they’re old enough to spit it out- we don’t advise rinsing even for adults. At this age I would literally use a dot of toothpaste, they don’t need much until they have a lot more teeth. I think with my little one we didn’t even use toothpaste for the first few months, just to get him used to the toothbrush first.

Cos baby will turn 5 on this froday

@Riki can yoy asd the link from amazon please?

@riki and we leave their in their teeth the ttohpaate cos obviously they can t rinse it:)

@Riki thank you very much

@Adina you can either use one of those finger toothbrushes that are made of silicone initially or just any baby toothbrush. I used a little buzzy one for my older one kinda like a very basic electric toothbrush. It’s called brush baby and they sell it on Amazon with different heads for different ages. Toothpaste any brand will do a 0-2 years one, you literally need the tiniest amount (a smear) til they’re much older. I use aquafresh milk teeth.

@Riki what should i use to bursh them toothpaste which one pls

Dentist here- ideally work towards bottle an hour before bed then brush just before sleep. As @Annie said at this age it’s more about routines and habit forming so it’s not a big thing right now. Ideally don’t brush straight after milk/food as this can actually damage the teeth in the long term (there are natural sugars in milk that very slightly softens the teeth and they reharden sat in saliva naturally for 20 mins or so).

It doesn't really matter to be honest. The main reason for starting to brush their teeth now is more for getting them used to it and in a routine so don't panic if it's not the last time at night. X

We brush after bedtime bottle but before he goes in his sleep bag for before sleep cuddle x

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