Not wanting to be apart from baby

Family have started asking to have baby but I literally couldn’t think of anything worse than the thought of being away from him. Waited so long to become a mammy and just don’t want to part with him. I know it would only be for a few hours but I’d just feel lost and the feeling I get in my stomach thinking about it is awful 😢
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I’m feeling pressure from my bf family for my son to spend the night & can’t think of anything worse but they are taking offence and think I don’t want the baby around them 🫠

My husbands sister keeps pestering me to have her for the day saying I need a break from her or my baby needs a break from me. It really winds me up, I don’t need a break from my daughter and she certainly doesn’t need a break from her mum at 6 months old 🤣 my baby is really whingey atm as well because she’s teething so I don’t want to send her somewhere she’s been once when she’s upset and just wants me. She’s also got a crazy dog which jumped on my daughters back when she was 6 weeks old and his sister didn’t do anything to stop it I had to grab her off her. So no she won’t be going there with that dog!

@Victoria I totally agree!! Especially when he’s still so young as well like he doesn’t do much. I think the reason behind it is just to show him off rather than actually having him. I’m going to after all of these comments. In a way I feel like it’s ruined the experience of becoming a mammy for the first time as well which is sad xxx

i feel like im the other way round 🙈 she cries everytime i put her down and she doesnt nap unless on me so im pretty much glued to her all the time! it takes so long to get her to bed as soon as i put her down she wakes up and cries. i just cant do/get anything done and its stressing me out. my family all work so noones offered and id feel horrible asking for a few hours. i did ask my sister but she put it off 🙈

Can’t believe so many of us are experiencing this, totally wrong! Xxx

My family has been banging on since he has been born but iv not felt any need to be without him, i love being with him 24/7! I did leave him for the first time last saturday because we needed to go to a family friends birthday thing and although i was nervous(and didnt stop crying before i left him🤣) it was actually totally fine i think because i waited until i wanted to!x

It’s happened to me as well. My Dad took her the other day and I cried the minute she left. It won’t be happening again. I don’t understand why they pressure us to have our babies! I’ll happily take her round but I just don’t get why they want her so much without me there.

It really is and please while you’ve got the chance to put your foot down please do it!xx

That’s awful!! You think people would be understanding but from mine and your experiences the total opposite it’s horrendous that we’re experiencing this xxx

Your baby your rules! My little girl has just turned 6 months on Friday and family memebers pressured me so much into her staying away from me that I allowed her to stay away from me from being 6 weeks old however me and my partner have just stopped this from happening xx

@Libby-mae my little boy is just over 5 month and I just can’t face it but I feel pressured and family have started being funny about it with me not letting them have him xx

Don’t do anything until your ready and don’t ever get pressured into doing something your not comfortable with, I made this mistake xx

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