Hi ladies! I’m stuck on what to get my little boy for Christmas, just wondering if anyone has any inspiration? We’re probs gonna get him either a play kitchen or one of those 4-in-1 trikes, but wanted to get him some smaller things too!
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@MamaM get this Henry hoover caddy as a Christmas present!! And a micro fibre cloth and just let them go crazy 🤣

@Laxmi glad to hear it is not only my child that is just obsessed with the hoover (which btw has never been so clean 😂)

Got my little boys… Play kitchen and accessories Flash cards Train track set Busy books Vtech sports centre as they’re obsessed with footballs already xxx

I got my little boy toy kitchen with all the accessories pots pans food ect Car garage Puzzles Learning activities Pull along Thomas tank engine Clothes X

@MamaM they are. But hopefully should last until 3-4 and may have okay resale value? 🤷🏻‍♀️ For me I’d rather buy one gift than lots, but I know it’s still expensive, and maybe out of budget for some. Currently Christmas is just a box of Duplo and a board. So we can put money aside for a few months to get the bike when the weather improves x

We got ours Montessori toys, an ice cream kart, and a Henry hoover cleaning toy thing so he might finally leave our hoover alone 😂

@Cal ohhh these are proper balance bikes, amazing, so pricey though :(

@Kirsty oh my goodness these look great 😃 thanks xx

@MamaM we’re going to get a Woom 1 but unless it’s in the sale waiting for spring x

@MamaM we got him a scuttlebug 3 wheel one from b&m think it was about 20 pounds x

@Kirsty we're also looking at a balance bike for Xmas - which one did you go for?

We got my boy a balance bike and some puzzles and reading books he also loves Mickey Mouse so we got him some Mickey Mouse toys and just some bigger size clothes and we bought him a pair of trainers also x

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