Is it an age thing or something else?

Helloo everyone, I just wanted to see if other people have had the same thing if so what helped if anything ? So my child has always been challenging and I’ve always found ways of managing it, he is 4. Recently he has gotten so much worse. He’s screaming and shouting all day (not an exaggeration) we’ve even had to go to our neighbours to apologise. He punches, slaps, kicks, headbutts himself and us but also pulls his hair when frustrated and can go from 0-1000 in seconds. I’ve spoken to soo many professionals that tell me it’s just his age …… is it?? I feel like I’m at a dead end. We have boundaries that haven’t changed his routine is the same nothing in his/our life has changed. So I can’t blame that. I’ve tried everything that I’ve been told to do to calm him down and nothing works for example 🔴 Distracting him, giving him cuddles, giving him space (he follows me). Giving him options, taking privileges away, put him in his room to calm down ( he destroys his room) Nothing works. I’ve even tried to get him looked at for ASD/ADHD and he’s been refused. If anyone has any helpful advice It would be deeply appreciated ❤️
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My little boy is 4 in February and doesn’t do this I’m afraid but they are all different! Have you tried giving him a punching bag and a soft area for when he has these big feelings? I would just let him get all his feeling and emotions out then talk after! Let him punch/ scream and so whatever he wants with no restrictions (don’t close doors just let him know that it’s his space! Does he go to any groups to burn off energy or does taking him outdoors help?! I will say 4 is a hard age 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

Hiya thank you for replying ❤️ We have a punching bag and fidget toys. I will have to look at a soft area for him 😊We live in the country side with a lot of woodland which he likes but gets bored very quickly. He goes to nursery which he loves thank god.

My little boy is almost 4 and I’m finding it such a difficult age as they want to be so independent and don’t like being told what to do!! I do find if I don’t say no and explain why I’m telling him not to do something it goes down better! 💗 good luck to us both 😂😂😂

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