Need some mummy help/ advice please

I’m worried about my little girl aged 3…. So yesterday at 12:30pm she had her first ever seizure… and we took her hospital until she was herself and temp was down well all day Sunday she was up and down with temps, just woke up again really raspy cough and temp still of 38.7 I feel like somethings wrong, what do I do? Book her doctors in the morning or take her back to a&e?… really unsure of what the best thing to do is! Any advice really helpful please xx
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Bless her, sounds horrible! If you’re worried about it I’d say it’s definitely worth ringing 111! Better to be safe when sorry, especially when it comes to your own kids!x

If your unsure I would take her back to a+e x

Aww hope she’s ok but I would call 111 asap

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