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Hey mamas so I'm 11 days PP and my boobs won't stop leaking, I'm not breastfeeding, yet they just won't stop, during the day it's not so bad because I can wear a bra and breast pads, yet at night it's like the milk pours out and drenches my pj top, I know I could wear a bra to bed, but I did that while in hospital and made myself really sore. I'm just wondering how I can stop them from leaking so much, or when they'll stop leaking, because I'm fed up of waking up every morning with my pj top ruined and stuck to my nipples.
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It can take 4 or 5 weeks or so to fully stop leaking so you will need to be patient as 11 days is very early. You need to wear something to bed even a soft crop top with breast pads. Dont stand front facing in a hot shower as the stream will stimulate milk so face the other way. Dont touch them at all. Use cold compresses if needed and cabbage leaves in your bra and take ibuprofen for pain. The rest of it is a waiting game x

I’m nearly 5 weeks and still have leakages like this which is really annoying as I have to constantly wear a maternity bra I got these off Amazon as they seems to be the only comfortable ones UtopyaUK 2/3 Pack Seamless...

Can’t wait to sleep bra less 🤣🙈

Thank you girls guess it's gunna be bras for ruin PJs🤣🤣🤣

Buy a cabbage. Stick the leaves in the fridge or freezer and put them in your bra. After I finished breast feeding my first I done this and within about 24 hours it was all nearly gone

Ohh I used lettuce from the fridge which works like cabbage too! Also if you’re a bit sore I use the Weleda nipple cream and honestly I swear by it. It really helps soothe them!! (Sorry aware that doesn’t really help the leakage situation but to help you get by maybe😂🤷🏽‍♀️) x

I wear the bralets from primark!!! Can’t fault them. 4weels pp and in the same situation 😂

@Bianca is that the purple tube? Cause if so that's what I've been using cause when I was in hospital after having my little girl, she wasn't well so they pushed breastfeeding saying it's the best thing she needs, but I wasn't pumping enough out of one boob so I was double pumping the one that was actually producing milk even though I was making myself extremely sore. It was the night midwife that told me to stop because I used to sit there crying because of the pain and how little I was producing

@Bianca thank you so much you're a lifesaver x

I’m 8 pp and my boobs were the same but mine have stopped now but when your in the shower try and do some hand expressions to relieve the tension but it won’t be enough to boost your supply but definitely wear a sports bra to bed 100% I know it’s painful but just keep taking pain killers and always wear a bra and massage them when you can, my milk came in on about day 3 and day 8 and it’s stopped and I did all of that x

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