Hey March moms to be I am 34W5D today and I was told my baby is in breech . He is in footling breech . This is stressing me out and I am really praying for a vaginal birth🤰. Anyone had this before and was successful with baby changing position eventually?
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Show your support they have exercise to do to help turn babies into optimal position. You still definitely have a good amount of time for him to switch. I’ve also seen the miles circuit on YouTube. Do you have a pregnancy yoga ball? I love bouncing and doing forward leaning on my ball which helps too. Hopefully any of those help you 😊

I agree spinning babies is great. Just get into a deep squat too. Don’t worry baby will turn for you.

@Nicole yes I have the yoga ball. I should try these. Thx a bunch

@Katrina thank you Katrina I will them out

Same for me at my last appt 2 weeks ago. Been doing excersizes/poses trying to get her to mooooove. One was like, 3x daily kneeling with knees shoulder width, then putting chest to floor (tmi maybe, but think doggystyle-ish?). Going in tomorrow for another ultrasound, so we'll see if she took the hint.

If spinning babies doesn't help, ask you doctors if they could do an ECV, if your wanting to deliver vaginally. ECV isn't done until 37 weeks, and if you look it up on YouTube to see what it is ,fair warning, it looks worse than it actually is.

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