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How do you make time for your toddler when you have a newborn? My toddler is starting to get jealous of Bub because Bub is taking a lot of my attention away. I used to be really hands on with toddler but now with a newborn I don’t have the free time.
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I made sure every time newborn went down for a nap that toddler and I played a game of their choice (bought puzzles, magnetic tiles, simple board games). I dropped the housekeeping standards and used those short moments to reconnect with my toddler instead of spending it all doing jobs.

I also made sure we got out once a day - even just a quick trip to local park where I’d feed bub while toddler played or bub in pram or carrier.

I have a 15 month old and a 2 week old. If she’s not asleep on her lounger (supervised) I’m playing with him and doing activities. If she’s awake or needing me, I find myself still sitting on the floor playing with his toys while holding her or playing outside :) use a baby carrier!

Aaaww I hare it when my toddler wants me and I have to say wait a while because I have to do bloody dishes or whatever. I can't imagine having another child. I'd be so guilty 😭😭 But as a toddler now it's better as I can plan intervals where I get things done before am wanted. From 0to20 months I let everything not my baby take 6th seat to my baby. Ik I don't have 2 or more so am not being helpful but am sure you'll do great. Xx

Get your toddler involved with the baby, ask them to get a nappy/wipes for you. Ask them to choose an outfit for the baby. Involve your toddler as much as possible and make it a big deal that they are very helpful. When you’re feeding your newborn, try and play (if you can) with your toddler, read a book, play games (eg, put music on and play freeze/statue, dance party). Baby wearing is also very handy and baby will love to be close to you as well 🙂

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