Labour ?

I think I'm starting to go into the early stages of labour! I've been getting cramps/tightenings for around 6 hours now, with back ache. No real pattern until the last half hour where a slight pain has stayed consistently but it's increased in intensity for around 2 mins every 7/8ish mins. Anyone think this could be the start? I'm 36+3 and really hoping I get to meet baby soon! 🥰🤯
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Go in. Just in case might be nothing but it is a bit early. Off you want to wait wait until you feel a gush come out of you or your mucus plug comes out. Time the contractions and drink plenty of fluids ❤️ wish you luck momma❤️❤️

This happen to me a week ago today at 33 weeks, I thought it was nothing until I went to hospital found that I was 2cm and he was breech to be taken to theatre, put asleep and he was born all within 2 hours of getting to hospital so it’s definitely better to go and get checked 😉 good luck xx

Yeah I think the rule of thumb is 5-7 minutes apart for contractions, especially if it's been happening for hours . So I would go in if I were you. Good luck, mama! ❤️

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