Advice please ☹️

Since last Wednesday my little boy has been waking up with leaked 💩 nappies, through his PJs, everything. I’ve been putting it down to teeth because he has his last molars coming through and he has no other symptoms of illness. He is eating and drinking as normal, no temp, no sickness and is generally well in himself. This morning we had the worst leak yet and seen as it’s been almost a week I now don’t know what to do. Do I ring the doctors? Do I ring 111 for advice? What can they do for diarrhoea on its own? Please help! I have plans today and then work later on so need to make a decision soon 🫶🏼
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Could it be a little intolerant?


@Lauren he has a dairy allergy so we’re pretty on top of his food, just found out his dads got a bug so that’ll be what it is 🫠

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