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Hey! I have a 9 month old who’s currently eating mostly ellas food pouches. But wanting to move more to led weaning but am so stuck where to start as even though he is 9 months we haven’t really tried much finger foods yet. Any tips,books, help on where to start? I’m so petrified of him chocking! But I need to get out of that and start with some finger foods! TIA ☺️❤️ Charlotte xo
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Have you got the app Solid Starts? You can see how to serve the ingredient safely for different age groups. It’s great! Is your baby in three meals? If so I would stick to giving finger foods for lunch to get yourself started. Start simple with some toast fingers, omelette and fruits and work your way up from there. You’d be surprised how much confidence you gain once you start 😊

Thanks so much will download that now ☺️ only reason he’s on mashed is I’m so worried about choking 🙈 and he’s such a big boy really think he is needing more substance food. Thank you for your help ☺️

I’ve done BLW from the start using the app Solid Starts. Whatever I’m having for dinner, I search in the app to see how to prepare it safely. So for example, instead of the veg biryani pouch, I give her biryani rice, chunks of roasted or steamed cauliflower/broccoli, a few strips of roasted courgette, and maybe a piece of naan bread. I’ll offer her a few tastes her and there but she prefers to self feed. There are videos online that show the difference between gagging (safe, normal, good for development) and choking (not safe) so learn the difference and what to do in a choking situation if you haven’t already so you can feel prepared if baby does choke! Ella’s kitchen also do melty sticks which are great for snacks on the go if you haven’t tried them yet!

You could consider a baby first aid course so that you’re more confident of what to do it baby chokes. A book I found useful was How to Wean Your Baby - it starts from the beginning so you’d be past a lot of it now but some of it would still be useful

Thanks so much for your help ☺️☺️ will definitely see if there are any first aid courses around x

The Annabel Karmel app has loads of great recipes for finger foods and meals. We made the switch last month from purées to BLW and it’s gone better than expected! Toast and peanut butter/avocado is good, eggy bread, different kinds of veggie fritters, omelette, roasted veg sticks.

@Charlotte I’m the same

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