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Hi My midwife was off today and a cover midwife said I need to be booking antenatal classes on badger notes. I have no clue how to do this it just says ‘other book: event likely this week such and such class’ with no link and always has done. I’ve just been doing random free ones I found on instagram. This midwife said I should have done the ones on the app but it’s really not clear how to book them can someone help, not sure if there’s just as issue with my app as had problems with normal appointments not being on there too ?
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The app isn’t fit for purpose in any capacity

@Poppy I couldn’t agree more x

@Charlotte my appointments on the badger app dosent show where the appointment or what it is for is for which is very annoying

They only recently started using badger notes in our trust and it's really not smooth... I also gave difficulty seeing the location of the appointments and some do not appear at all... Tell the midwives that it's too difficult to book, they should be informed of that in order to pass the comments on to whoever can fix that

Hi. I was told to book through eventbrite app. Midwife asked me to follow the hospital on it. That’s how i booked mine

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