Should I be worried.

For the last week, I've had awful nausea and sickness to the point I was throwing up after every meal. Today I've woke up and don't feel so sick. Should I be worried or is this normal? I had an early scan on Saturday and little bean was there with a healthy heartbeat. I'm 9 weeks tomorrow xx
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It’s pretty normal! My symptoms have been on and off majority of the time. My nausea this week has been next level so I’m looking forward to it stopping!

@Jessica - thank you for the reassurance 🙏 ❤️ xx

Hi - had the exact same thing. Nausea clicked in one day, and then I woke up at c.9 weeks feeling better overnight. Haven’t yet had my scan but other symptoms still there (sore boobs, tiredness) and it’s just what happens sometimes. Hope you’re feeling ok, if you’ve already seen the heartbeat you can feel pretty confident so don’t worry too much! Xx

@Louisa thank you 🥹 just feeling super anxious at the minute with this little one xx

Of course, so understandable. Fingers and toes all crossed xx

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