Hiya! i have my little boys first jabs soon😢 any advice on what i should bring for him and dress his in? i’m thinking a sleep suit but i don’t want him to be cold whilst getting the jabs because he hates being cold. Also thinking of bringing call and maybe some toys ? not too sure any advice will be a massive help for my anxious ass🤣
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You are already a lot more prepared than I was, might be sad to say but I didn’t actually put any thought into it. The one thing that my son used in that moment was my boob to calm himself so just go with that or his bottle if he’s on that. As for clothes, they will work with what you’ve got, not sure if your little one is going to be weighed and all but if so clothes will be on and off anyway. All the best, it’s over before you know it!! 😊

@Maisie it's so nerve racking that first set of jabs is not nice. Everyone recommended to give my son Calpol 30 mins before his jabs. I took him in a sleeper outfit. He was all that into to toys but dummy and some boob or a bottle soothed him. It's a very quick appointment

It’s a very quick appointment, take calpol with you for the first lot of jabs but don’t give it to him until he’s had his jabs, beforehand is not recommended. Have a feed ready incase (if formula fed) and I always dress my boy in a top and leggings/joggers so you can just pull them down as the jabs are in each thigh x

Mine wore footless sleep suit and just unbottoned the leg which was being jabbed. If breast fed then stick boob in his mouth straight after and give calpol as soon as you get home.

More than likely they will make you strip him down anyway to check his weight. Also give Calpol before his injections at least 30 mins.

Take his temperature beforehand just to make sure he doesn’t have a fever. Take a calpol with you and some toys. X

Bring a rainmaker toy if you have one, it distracted my little girl when the big screams happened and within 10 seconds she was fine and smiling again x

@Taylor ahh i didn’t even think they’re going to have to weigh him😫sleep suit it is then thank you xx

@Sophie i’ve not heard that about the calpol someone said to give him it before but ill just give him it after his jabs, thank you! xx

@Claire ooo i’ll order one of these thank you!!

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