Forgetting to take antenatal vitamins

I’ve been really anxious about posting this and feel like a terrible person / mum already but I basically forgot to take my vitamins for months and I’m worried I’ve hurt my baby by forgetting. I was good with it for the first 3-4 months but then life got in the way. I’d remember every now and again but it’s no where near the daily amount recommended. Am I a bad person? Will my baby be ok?
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You haven’t taken any since being pregnant I’m 35 weeks now baby boys perfectly happy and healthy kicking all day long. You can’t hurt the baby by forgetting as it’s not something you HAVE to do it’s a choice and personally it just wasn’t the one for me. So no your baby is completely fine

Honestly. Antenatal vitamins made me sick. So I just kept up with my iron and it had to be in liquid form and little boy was born healthy. Its your choice.

Most of my friends took them first few months then didn’t and their babies are ok. The folic acid is just important in the first 12 weeks you don’t have to take it after. If your in the U.K. tho maybe take a vitamin D spray that’s what I’ve been doing now easier than the tablets and we don’t get much sun especially in these months so just been doing that as main one nhs recommends all the way through pregnancy.

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